Is it possible to change your condition in a week? Remove fatigue, gain balance and gain strength and energy before the long winter? Yes, if you combine psychology, sea and a pleasant company at one point of space.

All readers of Psychologies, who went with us on a trip from September 21 to 27, Crimea made a generous gift. PSYCHOLOGies Travel participants arrived in Alushta from different cities to conduct psychological detox and make up for the resources

of the soul and body in Alushta.

Irkutsk, Tula, Smolensk, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Moscow and even one of the cities of Switzerland-such a geography of participants was presented this time. Clouded autumn has turned into hot summer in just a few hours of flight. And now the sea is noisy from the windows of the More Spa spa hotel & Resort “, and the sun warms as if on the calendar is not the end of September, but the height of the summer. The best beach of Alushta, as local taxi drivers call it, as if specially created for those who want to have time to absorb the energy of the Black Sea with each cell in a short time.

The training program was compiled in such a way that the participants could combine psychological groups, rest and excursions, as well as leave time for opportunities that spa resort gives. A variety of massages, cosmetic and medical procedures, several types of baths, five pools … As I wanted to try and have time for 7 days!

Hotel “More SPA & Resort “is located on the outskirts of Alushta, and the sea near its beaches is transparent and clean. There is a garden with unique plants and trees, fountains, paths and stairs. It seems that you got into the frames of a fairy -tale film, from which you do not want to emerge into reality.

Olga Agafonova, a constant expert and speaker Psychologies, spent one of the classes, psychologist, psychopsychologist, neuropsychologist, neuropsychologist, neuropsychologist, permanent expert and speaker. Feeling your body in nature is much easier, although it turned out to be not so easy for urban residents who are used to living with their heads and rarely remember their feelings and feelings. Return “from thoughts to body” and has become one of the main tasks of travel.